The EU called queue at the airport to pay for the security

The EU called queue at the airport to pay for the security

Moscow. 4 Aug. INTERFAX.RU — the Queue for passport control at airports in the midst of the holiday season at the external borders of the EU caused by the new regulations, the control of passengers now check in the anti-terrorist database, explained in the European Commission.

“We understand that there is a concern about new rules that entail long queues. But we are talking about the safety of our citizens from member States which had requested the European Council in 2015 to strengthen controls. From this stems the rules” — said Friday at a briefing in Brussels, European Commission spokesman Mina Andreeva.

“You always have to pay for security,” added the spokesman.

According to her, member States of the EU had enough time to prepare for the introduction of new rules. “This, member States should ensure that there is enough resource there is an increase in the number of passengers, and all went smoothly,” — said Andreev.

She noted that these rules apply to all citizens of the States of the Union. In her opinion, if followed by requests for more control there were complaints about too long waiting in queues, the national authorities must decide how this expectation is to be reduced.