The diver videotaped bitten his camera shark

The diver videotaped bitten his camera shark

The diver and researcher Greg Skomal captured on video a shark, which bit him action camera GoPro.

Video posted in Facebook a division of the American Agency for marine fisheries in Massachusetts, an employee who is Skomal.

The incident occurred on 31 August off the coast of Cape cod in the northeast United States, said the portal Necn. Male while diving tried to take the shark on camera, which was kept on a special stick. Noticing the human, the animal with a length of more than three metres swam up to him. The shark began to bite the camera, not tried to attack the scientist.

Skomal explained that the predator acted in a similar way to determine whether it is edible or gadget. The researcher added that the shark could easily destroy the device. He also noticed that such behaviour of marine animals were for the scientists of new.