The Colombian President announced the end of democracy in Venezuela

The Colombian President announced the end of democracy in Venezuela

MEXICO city, Aug 3 — RIA Novosti. The convening of a constituent Assembly means the end of democracy in Venezuela, said on Thursday the President of neighbouring Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

The constituent Assembly begins work on Friday and will have to prepare amendments to the Constitution of Venezuela. The convening of the Assembly was declared at the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition does not recognize the elections to the constituent Assembly, indicating that its scheduling had to be done via referendum.

“Unfortunately, what we see lately is the deterioration, the destruction of democracy in Venezuela. She collapsed slowly, and that a national constituent Assembly is some form of culmination of this process, what we can’t agree”, — quotes the portal of the Mexican Excelsior statement of Santos.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Venezuela on Thursday demanded to cancel the start of the work of NUS, explaining it by the assumption of committing crimes in the framework of the electoral process in the body.

According to official data of the national electoral Council in elections to the constituent Assembly was attended by nearly 8.1 million people, or 41,53% of the voters. However, this data is disputed by the opposition and the head of the company Smartmatic, which was carrying out work for the election of the Board, Antonio Mujica. At a press conference in London he said the data on the turnout at last Sunday the election was too high, at least 1 million votes and the final results are fabricated. Authorities have denied these allegations.