Putin instructed the Prosecutor General to check the ecology of lake Baikal

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General to check the lake Baikal on the subject of illegal and environmentally harmful activities. About it reports TASS.

At a meeting on issues of environmental development of the territory head of state, in particular, was tasked to identify funding sources to solve the problem of the complete elimination of accumulated environmental damage on the lake.

“The first, urgent, task is to eliminate environmental damage, to carry out a full remediation of contaminated areas,” — said Putin. “Please identify the funding sources, plans and specific artists, the President ordered.

“It is also necessary to deal with objects that continue to work here, sewage treatment plants, most of them are worn out”, — quotes RIA Novosti the words of Putin.

According to the head of the state, it is necessary to stimulate the environmental responsibility of business, including to develop options for co-financing environmentally oriented projects, with special attention should be taken to ensure that systems of strict control.

The head of state noted that the territory of lake Baikal is the heritage not only of Russia but of the entire planet, in this connection, he stressed that saving the lake is a state priority.

On Friday, August 4, Putin in Buryatia toured the tourist center of Baikal state natural biosphere reserve and had a short conversation with the volunteers.