Putin declared citizens in the direct line of the violations: it is a crime


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Governor of the Amur region Alexander Kozlov to study treatment, which approached citizens in the direct line, and called crime violations reported by residents.

“I want to transfer documents: the appeal of citizens in the direct line. The traditional – state of the road network, the level of salaries,” — said Putin at a meeting with the head of the region.

The President focused on issues in healthcare. He stressed that it is impossible to optimize the network of health facilities to close them in small towns, depriving people of access to medical care.

In addition, he identified a problem with the provision of medical care.

“It’s not just you, it seems, for the country as a whole happens. Professionals need to sign up for a month, no coupons, and to pass the tests in three months. For the money – at any time”, — said Putin.

According to the Russian leader, this is a direct violation of the law.

“It is a crime,” said he, passing Kozlov folder with citizens.

Earlier it was reported that Vladimir Putin instructed to deal with the forced purchase of part parents of students in Kalmykia.