Putin c GoPro two hours chasing pike and rode on “Piranha”

Putin c GoPro two hours chasing pike and rode on “Piranha”

On the way to Blagoveshchensk, where the President was on a working visit on 3 August, Vladimir Putin made a two-day stop in southern Siberia. There he was engaged in underwater fishing and underwater hunting with a mask and snorkel, and swam in a wetsuit.

The press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the GoPro camera that was mounted on the mask for underwater fishing, which hunted the pike Putin, captured the unique footage.

According to Peskov, to get any pike, the President had to spend about two hours. He also promised that in the nearest time frames with this spearfishing President will show in the media.

In Tuva, Putin visited the remote taiga, where was the fishing in the cascade mountain lakes, was engaged in underwater hunting, sunbathing, walking on the mountain rivers, rapids, streams Motorboats and rafts, and where the depth was small, used Gliss “piranha”.

In addition, he did some trekking and went on ATVs through the mountains. Accompanied Putin in this brief journey, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and head of the Khakassia Republic and Tuva, said “Russia 24”.