Nizhny Novgorod third graders destroyed the tombstones in the cemetery

In the city of Lyskovo Nizhny Novgorod region, two third-graders injured 46 tombstones in the cemetery. This was reported on the website of the regional interior Ministry cupola.

In the afternoon on June 27 in a call center of Ministry of interior received information about the damage to the monuments. All statements on this occasion turned 24.

A criminal case was initiated under article 224 of the criminal code (“Violation of bodies died or destruction, damage or desecration of burial places, gravestones, or graveyard buildings intended for ceremonies in connection with burial of the dead and their remembrance”). The investigators found that the crime was committed by two students of eight and nine years.

“The juveniles told the police that he had committed the unconscionable act of hooliganism, to see the falling monuments. Employees of Department on Affairs of minors has held prevention activities with the children and their parents”, — stated in the message.

In may, the Sverdlovsk region, three teenagers staged a pogrom in the village cemetery. They came in search of candy, which are usually left on the graves of the relatives of the dead, however, finding sweets, the students got angry and began to break the gravestones.