Nebesa: the issue of the DPRK can be solved by dialogue


The issue of the DPRK can be solved with political dialogue, not sanctions, told reporters Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vasily sebenza.

“Sanctions — a deeper or not — does not solve the problem. I think that this will make political dialogue, and we urge all parties, especially the United States and North Korea, to participate in it,” — said Nebenzia. According to him, the problem of North Korea there are no easy solutions.

North Korea July 4, announced the successful test of an Intercontinental ballistic missile “And 14”. The altitude tajectory is estimated at 2802 kilometers, the range of 933 km. South Korean military believe that if the missile was launched on a normal trajectory, she would cover the distance in 7-8 thousand miles. This means that at start-up of the North Korean port of Wonsan she can hit targets in Alaska and Seattle.

In the DPRK, on July 29 announced the second successful launch of the rocket “And 14”. According to KCNA, the missile flew 47 minutes and 12 seconds, the range of its flight consisted of 998 kilometers, the maximum altitude 3724,9 kilometers.

South Korean military believes that this time has been tested an Intercontinental ballistic missile. In the United States also believes that North Korea tested an Intercontinental ballistic missile. According to the Russian defense Ministry, the missile rose to 681 kilometer and flying kilometer 732, falling in the Central part of the sea of Japan.