Named the preliminary cause of the flooding of the mine “Mir” in Yakutia

The cause of the flooding of the Yakut of the mine “Mir” could be a technological failure in a storage tank of water, reports REN TV.

The company ALROSA said that in the emergency created by the operational headquarters.

According to the channel, appeared on the surface about 90 miners. At the bottom are still 60.

According to TASS on the surface brought 79 people. Another 25 are raised from the mine. Previously, the Agency reported that rescuers managed to establish contact with 130 miners. The Investigative Committee of Russia informed the Agency of the preliminary inquiry into the incident.

Video of the mine “Mir” immediately after the flooding

According to others, of mine removed about 150 people who were there. Victims among them.

Earlier it was reported that at 16:30 (10:30 GMT) in the horizon 210 meters of the mine there was a flooding of the pumping station, ATT-2. Because of this, mine has got about 200 thousand cubic meters of groundwater. Later it was explained that the mine was up to 270 thousand cubic meters.

ALROSA is a company engaged in diamond mining. The share of this holding accounts for about a quarter of this market globally.