Mathematics as a study and rest: the medalists spoke about the preparation for world Olympics

Mathematics as a study and rest: the medalists spoke about the preparation for world Olympics

The winners of the International mathematics Olympiad and their teachers, told TASS, what qualities helped them to achieve results, how many hours a day they do math, and what else are addicted to.

Russian schoolchildren have returned home with a 58-th International mathematics Olympiad (IMO) held in Rio de Janeiro. They won one gold, three silver and two bronze medals in the intellectual competition involving students from more than 100 countries. Our boys took 11th place in the overall standings.

The best result in the team of six people showed Petersburger Mikhail Ivanov won a gold medal. Silver was won by Cyril tyschuk (Saint Petersburg), Nikita Dobronravov (Novosibirsk) and Egor boar (Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region). The bronze went to Timothy Zaitsev, and Vadim Retinsky from Moscow.

Mikhail Ivanov (gold) and Cyril tyschuk (silver), St. Petersburg

And Michael, and Cyril — graduates of the Presidential physical-mathematical Lyceum № 239. “To be honest, the tour was overall harder than I expected,” he told TASS gold medalist Mikhail Ivanov. According to him, in preparation for the Olympics the guys from the Russian team worked for seven and a half hours a day.

As told TASS the Director of the institution, honorary worker of General education of the Russian Federation, candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Maxim Pratusevich, both school students engaged in mathematical circles at the Lyceum. “I’m not only the Director, but also a math teacher they have, so I can say that the main thing — that’s what they were doing in our math circles. And heads of circles are a very good experts: Dmitry Andreevich Rostov and Sergei L. Berlov,” — said Protasevich.

Classes in circles at the Lyceum gifted students devoted a lot of time: twice a week for four hours a day. And in the summer went to a math camp. “The will to win they have, as soon as they were seven years in the doing. Eventually went to international competition”, — said the Director.

The fact that international competition is already a victory, because the team has only six people from across the country. “They worked very hard. Really hard hard. And so deservedly so,” said Mr. protosevich.

According to him, Michael and Cyril — very versatile guys. “They both graduated from our school grades. It is not easy to do. Misha, for example, is keen on computer science. And at the same time, it is quite ordinary children. They are absolutely normal children and to laugh and to fool around. That is, not the children — 18 years”, — added the Director. “In General, we at the Lyceum prize-winners of international Olympiads happen every year since 1980, with no gaps. Yet. Therefore, it is not the first time,” said protosevich.