In Yakut the mine “Mir” is not found 9 miners

In Yakut the mine “Mir” is not found 9 miners

Moscow. 4 Aug. INTERFAX.RU — At the time of the accident in the Yakut mine “the World”, according to the revised data, there were 142 people, the report said ALROSA .

Just change the mine “Mir” were 151 people who got the outfit, but 9 of them remained in the preparatory works and mine did not go down, he said.

On Friday in the shaft of the mine “Mir” (the city of Mirny, Yakutia), owned by the diamond mining company “ALROSA”, there was a breakthrough of water into the mine from the quarry. Later the water subsided, the flooded sections in the mine now, no.

Quarry “Mir” — the first developing primary diamond deposits in Yakutia, opened in 1955, has a diameter of 1.2 km and a depth of 525 meters. Opencast mining was stopped in 2001, since 2009 the production is carried out only in an underground mine. Now on an underground mine “Mir” accounts for about 11% of production of “ALROSA”.