In Mexico have found a hybrid of the lizard and the worm

In Mexico have found a hybrid of the lizard and the worm

In Northern Mexico found a strange reptile that looks like a worm and a lizard at the same time.

This was reported in the journal Live Science.

Body found animal pink color and spiky. While the lizard has only front legs. Professor of evolutionary biology and Herpetology, University of Rutgers in Newark Sarah Ruan found a lizard in the Mexican state of Baja California. Due to the fact that these lizards primarily live underground, they are fairly difficult to find on the surface and to study.

Weird Worm-Lizard Creature Looks Like a Centaur Serpentine

— Live Science (@LiveScience) 2 Aug 2017
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It turned out that the lizard belongs to the order of scaled reptiles — dochodach (Amphisbaenia), and has nothing to do with suborders of snakes and lizards. Mexican mole lizard the length is 24 cm, the scientists believe that snakes that move through the tunnels dug by the lizard are its natural enemy.

As a suborder of lizards, duchodci or amfisbena able to drop its tail, which, however, after this trick does not grow again.