In France, the deputies were forbidden to hire relatives

In France, the deputies were forbidden to hire relatives

PARIS, August 3. /TASS/. The French Parliament approved with majority of votes the law on ethics of political and public life.

As reported Thursday by AFP, the law specifically prohibits Ministers, parliamentarians and representatives of local Executive authorities to employ close relatives (spouses, parents, children).

In case of violation of this rule is subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for a term of three years and a fine in the amount of €45 thousand For the adoption of the document in favor of the 383 deputies, against — three abstentions — 48.

To adopt a law on the ethics of political life promised Emmanuel macron when he was a candidate for the President of the country. It was caused by the so-called scandal”, Penelopiad”. It erupted after newspaper Le Canard enchaine has published information that the wife of the candidate in presidents of France from the party “the Republicans” françois Fillon Penelope Fillon for a long time was listed as his assistant in the National Assembly.

Penelope Fillon received a big salary without doing any work and not appearing in the National Assembly. Later it turned out that Fillon also fictitiously designed to work with the consultants by his two adult children.