In Australia fought for the full models on the catwalks

In Australia fought for the full models on the catwalks

In Australia, there was a fierce debate about the appearance at a fashion show organized by the magazine Sports Illustrated, at the same time the standard models and models “plus size”. The show and lean, and full models showed swimwear.

In the Sydney newspaper the Daily Telegraph published an article in which the author criticized the appearance on the catwalk full of models, calling the irresponsible decision to invite them. Expert medic, who talked to journalist, said that these models are advertising dangerous to health lifestyle.

Other experts who spoke for this article believe that fashion shows can engage girls of any body type.

The controversy started after a remark by a columnist of Soraya Food: “If the fashion industry decided to stop using models who have poholodeli to “skin and bones”, and in this case it is not necessary to prefer unhealthy build a different type”.

Sports Illustrated editor M. J. day said that “beauty doesn’t mean everyone should be the same size.”

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The dispute came and the doctors. The President of the Australian medical Association New South Wales brad Franks compared the completeness of Smoking: “If a model walked on the catwalk, Smoking a cigarette, it would be a very unhealthy sign. And similarly: if a very complete model or models of obesity show clothes, that means we welcome obesity. It is very dangerous.”

According to Frankema, some models on the show Sports Illustrated were obese.

Head of the research center of obesity Professor John Dixon, in turn, believes that the model should represent society and, therefore, they can be any size.

“28% of Australians suffer from lishego weight. And it’s very insulting statement that the total people do not place on the podium,” said he.