Found the funniest words in the English language

Found the funniest words in the English language

Psychologists have made a rating of the English words according to their degree of crankiness.

Their findings, they reported in the journal Behavior Research Methods.

Scientists from Warwick University, UK, interviewed 950 people and has determined how ridiculous they appear 4997 words. The most comical was named lexemes booty (booty), tit (bird), booby (Bobby), hooter (horn), James Hickman (wit), twit (twit), waddle (waddle gait), tinkle (bell). The most unfunny panelists seemed to words with negative emotional coloring, such as rape (rape), torture (torture), gunshot (gunshot).

In addition, the study, according to scientists, is the first experience of studying the Comedy of individual words.

The fact that a significant part of the words was called neutral to all participants of the experiment confirms the generally accepted hypothesis about the importance of context in the perception of humor.

It is believed that words have not comic in themselves, and depending on their context. However, “sustained positive and negative results concerning the degree of crankiness individual words are forced to think about further research on the nature of laughter,” the researchers note.

Were also found differences in relation to humor in men and women and among people of different ages. Women are more often evaluated giggle (chuckle), beast (beast), circus (circus) as more funny. And men bondage (bondage), birthmark (nevus), orgy (Orgy). The young people gave higher ratings of Comedy said goatee (goatee), reform (reform), joint (the connection). Old — caddie (boy Golf in Golf), birthright (right by birth), a squint (strabismus).