Foreign Ministry called the stamp of the cold war, the statements of Pence in Russia

USA deeper slipping into a “primitive ideological cliches” of the cold war that are completely divorced from reality. Thus the Russian foreign Ministry reacted to the statement of the Vice-President of the United States, Mike Pence, with whom he spoke in Podgorica, on Wednesday, August 2.

It is noted that the Pens “frightened the leaders of the Western Balkan countries the mythical “Russian threat”” when accusing Russia of attempting the violent redrawing of borders in the region.

The imposition of the Balkan countries frankly destructive “either with the West or with Russia” will inevitably lead to increased tension on the European continent, destabilizie the situation in the region and in individual States, stressed the Minister.

In this case, said the Agency, actively carried out the thesis about the alleged inevitability of the accession of all South-Eastern Europe in NATO, “selling” projects based on unfair competition and contrary to economic logic.

The foreign Ministry recalled that the US and its allies in 1999 for “violating international law, using illegitimate force to rejection of Kosovo from Serbia”, which created another source of conflict in Europe.

“Under heavy pressure from Washington, the official Podgorica on 5 June 2017 issued, the membership of Montenegro in NATO contrary to the opinion of the majority of citizens of this country. The United States along with the European Union without scruple ignored the will of the voters of Macedonia, not allowing the party that won in this country in the elections of 11 December 2016, to form a government”, — stated in the message.

The Ministry called on the U.S. to stop the defamation of Russia and its foreign policy, “which invariably is based on respect for partners and willingness to constructively work together on mutual interests”.