Embassy of Spain in Venezuela threw “Molotov cocktails”

In Caracas, an attack on the Spanish Embassy. It is reported by the Prosecutor’s office of Venezuela on Twitter.

Two unidentified men on a motorcycle threw in a few “Molotov cocktails”.

A diplomatic source told Reuters that nobody was injured.

In Venezuela from April, the continuing unrest, victims of collisions became more than 100 people. This comes against the backdrop of the confrontation between President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition, which after the election belongs to the majority in Parliament. The cause of the conflict was the deepest economic crisis in the country caused by the fall in world oil prices — the main export product.

On Friday, August 4, appointed the first meeting of the elected 30 July, the national constituent Assembly (constitutional Assembly). This body will be empowered to amend the Constitution. The opposition and a number of States do not recognize the election results and call for Maduro to abandon plans to amend the basic law.