During the presidency trump the allegations in the leaked data filed 4 citizens

Jeff Sessions

The US authorities during the period of the administration of President Donald trump was charged with the organization of the information leaks already four people. This was stated on Friday, August 4, the attorney General of the United States Jeff sessions, reports BBC News.

“The culture of leaks has to stop”, he said, noting that during this time the number of open investigation of thefts tripled.

According to him, in General in the U.S. government over the past six months occurred the same number of identified leaks, as for the previous three years.

The attorney General also called on senior officials to avoid leaks. “We officially warn future “sources” don’t do this,” he said, noting that in the future will involve investigation into the leak of a new FBI Director Christopher ray.

At the end of July the President of the United States Donald trump criticized and Roman sessions, stating that the attorney General is making insufficient efforts to expose the authors of discharges.