China requires India to stop testing his patience

China requires India to stop testing his patience

BEIJING, Aug 4 — RIA Novosti, Anna was Raccogli. The Chinese authorities once again urged India to end test the patience of Beijing to immediately withdraw from the territory of the plateau Dalam in the Tibet Autonomous region of its soldiers have violated more than 1.5 months ago the state border.

Foreign policy and defense officials late Thursday evening released a statement in which the official representatives of both ministries stressed that China still adhered to the diplomatic approach in trying to resolve the aggravation, but his patience has limits.

Diplomacy and aggression

Foreign Ministry spokesman China Geng Shuang said that “the Indian side is now permanently says the word “peace”, but we are listening, that we also look at things”. According to him, China showed good will and patience, and even before the construction of the road on the plateau Dalam the Chinese side 18 may and 8 June was sent to India warning of their intentions to proceed with the implementation of the project.

Thus, according to a Chinese diplomat from the Indian side no one channel was not followed by any reaction. Instead, according to him, June 18 new Delhi sends armed troops to cross the border.

“The incident occurred over a month ago, but the Indian side not only continues to be illegally on the territory of China, but also repairs to the rear of the road, collects the supplies and pulls large armed group, this is all done not for the sake of the world,” the statement said Geng Shuang.

According to him, India does not respond to the calls for China to withdraw its military and resolve the issue, but rather resorted to many excuses and accusations of Beijing.