Berry bogs of the Moscow region took under protection

The Ministry of ecology of Moscow region took under protection of cranberry bogs in the urban district Shakhovskaya, on the Volokolamsk forestry. On Friday, August 4, reported on the Agency’s website.

The regional government approved the regulation on the state nature reserve “Indigenous spruce forests with cranberry sphagnum bogs”. The area of the special protected area (Spa) is 114 hectares. The position clarifies the boundaries of protected areas and the list of objects of special protection, the report said.

The need to protect these places is connected, primarily, with illegal deforestation, as well as picking mushrooms and berries.

According to the Minister of ecology and nature management of Moscow region Alexander Kogan, the reserve is one of the rare places where mass grows cloudberries (listed in the Red book of Moscow region), as well as blueberries and cranberries. His visitors severely harm the fragile ecosystem of wetlands, the official said.

At the same time, environmentalists point out that despite the massive deforestation of the past and the violation of the hydrological regime in the reserve has retained much of species diversity: there are 58 species of vertebrates, including endangered birds meadow Harrier and a Nutcracker.

Special protection regime includes a ban on any construction and the construction of roads, extraction of peat and picking berries.

On 5 July the Ministry of ecology of Moscow region stated that the rainy summer is good for a number of rare plant species.