U.S. attorney General took the oath from the new Director FBI

U.S. attorney General took the oath from the new Director FBI

WASHINGTON, Aug 3 — RIA Novosti. U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions on Wednesday sworn in as the new FBI Director Christopher ray and expressed confidence that with the new head of the Agency in good hands, the statements and Roman sessions, placed at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

“I recently had the honor to take the oath, the new FBI Director Christopher ray”, the document reads, citing the words of the attorney General.

Chris has the strength and character that wants to see the American people as the FBI Director… I’m sure the FBI is the best Agency on earth, passed into the safe hands of Christopher ray.Jeff sessions, U.S. attorney General

The former Deputy head of the U.S. Department of justice Christopher ray is approved Tuesday by the Senate as Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, is sent in the resignation of James Comey.

For the candidate ray is an experienced and cautious lawyer, who the jury on one of the ships nicknamed “bulldog” for his strong acumen and focus on results — a majority vote of 100 senators. Prior to this, ray received the approval of the members of the legal Committee of the upper house of Congress.