Trump offered to waive visa lottery green card

Trump offered to waive visa lottery green card

Donald trump introduced a new bill to abandon the e-lottery green card, which migrants can obtain residence permit in the United States.

The President of the United States Donald trump introduced the bill, the RAISE Act (“Recovery”), which requires to abandon the lottery green card. Presented by bill trump called “one of the biggest reforms of the immigration system in half a century”.

This is stated in the message on the White house website. The preparation of a bill Trump helped senators David Perdue and Tom cotton.

The bill proposes is lottery green card to enter the “competitive process”, in which more chances to get residence permit will be migrants, English speakers who can support themselves and their families and have a “professional skills necessary for the American economy,” said trump.

The program “Immigration program visas for immigrants of different nationalities” (Diversity Visa) operating in the USA since 1990. Determined annually 50 thousand lottery winners green card who receive a residence permit and a work permit in the United States. In the lottery of countries with low levels of immigration to the United States.

In 2015, according to the US Department of state, applications for participation in the lottery was filed by 265 thousand Russians.

This is significantly less than the quota calculated on the Russians: in 2014, a permanent residence permit in the United States for family or other circumstances received only 3622 citizen of Russia.

According to trump, for years, the US has issued a “record number” of permits for the entry of “immigrants with low income”. “This policy provides constant pressure on American workers, taxpayers and society’s resources”, — said the American President.

The bill will lead to higher wages for U.S. workers, reducing the inflow of unskilled migrants, a sure trump.