The posted video of the shootout with the “gang GTA” Moscow regional

The posted video of the shootout with the “gang GTA” Moscow regional

MOSCOW, Aug 3 — RIA Novosti. TV channel REN TV has posted a video shootout with law enforcement officers, members of the “gang GTA” in the building of the Moscow regional court.


The footage shows how several people standing near the doors in the court where after some time trying to break criminals. After that, members of the “gang GTA” and the police starts shooting.

The incident occurred on the first of August. Five defendants attacked the guards and seized their guns. However militiamen managed to stop an escape attempt, eliminating three criminals, two more are in intensive care in serious condition. In the shootout also injured by the Riot police and two policemen.

Later in Regardie noted that the guards made a gross error in the convoy.

“Gang GTA” was operating on the roads in Moscow in 2012-2014. With homemade spikes attackers stopped drivers, punching the tires of the vehicle, and then killed their victims and took their property. The investigation suggests that the criminals have committed 15 armed robberies involving the murder of 17 people and the assassination attempt on two. The gang, according to investigators, consisted of at least 15 immigrants from Central Asia.