The media reported a mass brawl with a stabbing in the Ural military unit

The consequences of the fight in the Ural military unit

In a military unit in the village of Elan in Sverdlovsk region there was a mass brawl. It is reported citing a source.

According to the Agency, the conflict occurred in 473-m the district educational centre of preparation of younger experts (military unit 31612). The collision was attended by 60 people from Tuva and a hundred soldiers from the local garrison. They are all contract soldiers.

The source said that three months ago. sent the contract for the course of survival. “On the last night before leaving, the soldiers bought alcohol to celebrate the end of the study. After drinking, they remembered some resentment that saw from the local. Armed with knives and sharpening, the newcomers attacked the barracks: 60 Tuva opposed the Elanskogo hundred men of the garrison,” writes

According to the interlocutor, the knife wounded 14 soldiers Elanskogo garrison.

Arrived at the scene working group of senior officers of the Central military district to investigate the incident. “When will gather all necessary information about the circumstances that it was not to the detriment of the case, then we can comment on,” — said Alexey Sadovsky, Deputy Director of the Department of military investigatory management SK of Russia in the Central military district (CVO).

“Uralinformbjuro”, which also reports about the fight, indicates that the Elansky educational centre is the largest in Russia. The Agency notes that on 3 August on a working visit to the Sverdlovsk region arrived Minister of defence Sergey Shoigu, however, it is unknown whether he will visit the Elan.