The Israelites were allowed to make noise on new year’s night

The Israelites were allowed to make noise on new year’s night

TEL AVIV, Aug 3 — RIA Novosti. The Israeli authorities allowed the people to celebrate the New year from December 31 to January 1 without the risk of a fine for violation of silence at night, reported the press service of the lobbyist initiatives — Deputy Konstantin Razvozov.

The occasion, which the Israelis called “Sylvester”, and now they call me “Novi”, has the official status and is celebrated mostly by representatives of the million-strong community of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

The press service of Razvozov reported that the Ministry of environment, which is headed by another Russian politician ze’ev Elkin, has included in its instructions the list of days when not a ban on night time noise, along with independence Day, Jerusalem Day, the celebration of Purim and Mimouni, celebrated by Moroccan Jews.

“The community of immigrants from the Soviet Union deserves to have the government considered our traditions, just as it is with traditions of immigrants from other countries. If the government supports a broad and noisy celebration Mimouni, there’s no reason not to support and celebrate our New year” — presented in a press release, the words Razvozov.

The advent of the new year, the majority of Israelis celebrated in the fall in the Hebrew calendar called Rosh Hashanah.