The government of Moscow region reported on the progress of capital repairs of apartment buildings

About three thousand objects will be improved in Moscow in the framework of the program of capital repairs of apartment houses before the end of the year. About it reports TV channel “360” Thursday, August 3.

“Our program is the largest in Russia. Due to weather conditions made her passing. On repair of roofs we only had a week. We are now on the execution of the program by 21 percent,” said Minister of housing of the region Evgeny hromushin.

It is noted that the 720 sites are planned to be fixed comprehensively. For example, if we are talking about the entrances, the work involves the replacement of elevators.

On 12 July the Chairman of the government of the Moscow region Dmitry Pestov said that since the beginning of the year in the apartment buildings of the suburbs were repaired more than seven thousand entrances. The list for 2017 included 32 thousand. Residents of some houses may observe renovations online.

On 21 June it was reported that in the regional program overhaul included 44 757 houses.