The FBI detained the expert who helped to neutralize the virus WannaCry

The FBI detained the expert who helped to neutralize the virus WannaCry

WASHINGTON, Aug 3 — RIA Novosti. Employees of the Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. detained a computer security expert, who has previously helped to neutralize the global WannaCry virus, Reuters reported.

According to the Agency, we are talking about working in the UK Marcus Hutchins, who in may found a “switch” in the virus, which helped to neutralize the malware. He was detained after the conference on computer security, held in late July in Las Vegas (Nevada) with the participation of “thousands of hackers.”

Later, the Agency reported that the Hutchins are accused of spreading the virus Kronos, with which criminals, in particular, have access to users ‘ personal data, including Bank details. It is reported that the specialist has a great reputation among programmers and his arrest came as a shock to many of them.

Large-scale cyber attack WannaCry around the world may 12, raised more than 200 thousand users in 150 countries. Hackers used modified malware the national security Agency of the United States. The Financial Times, citing analysts in the field of cyber security reported that the tool of the us intelligence services, known as Eternal Blue (“rich blue”), was combined with “an extortionist” WannaCry.

In “Kaspersky Lab” reported about 45 thousands of hacker attacks in 74 countries around the world on 12 may, most of all in Russia.