Scientists: educational games do not particularly affect the brain

Scientists: educational games do not particularly affect the brain

Puzzles and educational games can improve brain function, according to experts, however, are still advised to give them time.

The report of the world Council for preservation of health of the brain says that is of great benefit to the brain can be playing a musical instrument, sewing or gardening.

Thus the earlier a person starts to engage in these activities, the greater the likelihood of saving, he’s got brain activity in old age.

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The report of the organization, uniting scientists from around the world on how to preserve the health of the human brain.

The document States that although many people think that make the brain work, playing online games and solving puzzles, it is not so.

For example, problem solving in Sudoku does not help to better manage own financial savings.

The brain help other classes. The report listed some of them:

Tai Chi Chuan (a kind of ushu) Exploring family family tree photography Lessons gardening Cooking Learning new technologies Art projects Volunteering.