Russian Embassy in Britain was offended by an Irish newspaper for Russophobia



Employees of the Russian Embassy in the UK criticised the Irish newspaper The Sunday Times for Russophobia. Corresponding post published on the Twitter account of a diplomatic mission.

The Embassy drew attention to an article in The Sunday Times in which the editorial Board apologizes for anti-Semitism. “Well done, but sorry for Russophobia would be the place. Including today’s issue” — ironically praised by journalists and diplomats.

To post the property profile attached a photo of the publication of the newspaper, which without any evidence it is alleged that conduct business on the territory of Moscow is dangerous.

Earlier edition of The Sunday Times has removed the column on the earnings of leading to “bi-Bi-si”. It said that the highest paid women presenters of the channel, a Jewess. The material also contained attacks on the representatives of the people. Chief editor of the newspaper had to publicly apologize and assure the readers that journalists in any case did not want to offend Jews, reports The Irish Times.

In early may the Russian Embassy in potrollit Twitter newspaper The Times, put on the front page an article entitled “Brussels interfering in our elections, warns Mei”. “Thank God, this time not Russia,” wrote the Embassy, alluding to accusations from the Democratic party of the United States that Russian hackers impact on the election of the President.