Rogozin explained the removal of tweets about “reptiles”-Romanians desire to remind myself

Dmitry Rogainerogaine: Rogozin found the culprit in the failure of his visit to Chisinau

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin commented on the Moldovan channel NTV, the decision to remove the tweet sharp criticism to address of authorities of Romania. On Wednesday, July 28, RIA Novosti reported.

“First, this is a good reason in order for these labels to remind you. First time [an information about] when they are placed, the second time they shot,” — said Rogozin, adding that “the time for emotion has passed and it is time to clear the information space for a real answer.”

At the same time, the politician called the incident with his participation “an unprecedented and very dangerous”, because this situation can happen to each person made “illegal sanctions lists”. “And if some country such as Romania will be arbitrary, boorish way to block the airspace to civilian aircraft, commercial, regular if there are flies such person, it will lead to chaos and, consequently, to response, which is also affected a lot of people,” — said Rogozin.

On 28 July the Romanian authorities did not give the liner with Rogozin on Board to fly through its airspace in Chisinau, where he had scheduled talks with President of Moldova Igor Dodon. Because of this, the plane was forced to land in Belarus. Russia has expressed a decisive protest to Romania.

He Rogozin in his Twitter wrote: “the Romanian authorities have endangered the lives of passengers of airliner S7, women and children. The fuel was enough to Minsk. Wait for an answer, you bastards”. Post caused indignation of the Romanian authorities. The Minister of national defence, Adrian Zuzanu called it “completely inappropriate, if not worse”. At the time of writing the news the record has been deleted.