In India, the crowd lynched “looked like a witch” woman

In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a crowd staged a lynching of an elderly woman from the untouchable caste, scoring her sticks. On Thursday, August 3, reports The Times of India.

According to the guards, 65-year-old Maan Devi got lost on the way home and wandered into an unfamiliar area. “An elderly woman was mentally unstable, and it is full of wrinkles face and white hair, probably caused panic among the local population”, — leads edition of the words of the representative of the police, Tej Bahadur Singh.

As notes the edition, the appearance of a female in an unfamiliar area coincided with the emergence of rumors that in different cities in the North of the country, cases of attacks on women allegedly mystical nature. According to victims, they lost consciousness due to a blow to the head. When he awoke, they found that their hair cropped.

The son says that the attackers were calling his mother a witch, accusing her that “she came to cut off their braids women”. Maan Devi died in hospital from multiple injuries.