In Britain, a gang of “Musketeers” was sentenced to life in prison for preparing a terrorist attack

A UK court sentenced a group of four people who called themselves “the Musketeers”, to life imprisonment for preparing terrorist attacks. About it reports TV channel Sky News.

It is noted that three of them — Ali Navid Hussein Habib and Mahira Rahman — sentenced to life imprisonment with the right of release after 20 years in prison. Another “musketeer”, Aziz Tahir qualified for release after 15 years in prison.

Navid, Habib and Maher met in prison where they were serving sentences for involvement in terrorist activities, began to call themselves “the Three Musketeers”. Later the group was joined by Tahir.

After they were released, security forces began to follow them. In particular, the staff of MI5 set up a fake courier company, which hired two gang members. In August last year when they searched the car of one of them was an explosive device, firearms and ammunition, and a knife for cutting meat, on which was written “kafir” (unbeliever).

The court found that they planned to commit a terrorist act on the territory of the United Kingdom. The exact location of the impending attack has not been established.

The Musketeers pleaded not guilty, accusing the police of falsifying evidence.