Bi-bi-si found out the details of the conflict between Malakhov and “the First channel”

Bi-bi-si found out the details of the conflict between Malakhov and “the First channel”

The cause of the conflict between the TV presenter Andrey Malakhov and the leadership of the “First channel” was the decision of the channel to add to the talk show “Let them talk” more political topics. Leading opposed.

The decision to add in “Let them talk” more political themes has become a cause of conflict between the leading talk show and TV guide, according to sources bi-Bi-si TV channel.

The employees of the company, who requested anonymity, said that at Malakhov the problems with the management “the First channel” began in may, when the channel returned to the producer Natalia Nikonova.

According to sources, her arrival on the program began to appear on the political issues that have angered the host of the talk show.

“Nikonova returned to the “First” to shake up the socio-political unit before the presidential election,” said one of the interlocutors. So, a number of issues were devoted to politics, reminds bi-Bi-si — out program about the Oliver stone and his movie about Vladimir Putin, but the two issues were devoted to the murder of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov in Kiev.

On Monday, July 31, RBC with reference to close to Malakhov source reported that the TV host “Let them talk” will no longer lead the show into “the First channel” “Russia 1”. The interlocutor of RBC on “the First channel” said that the departure of Malakhov provoked by the conflict situation within the team “Let them talk”. It was reported that the presenter did not work with the new producer program and demanded the return of the old. The essence of the claims Malakhov to work a new producer was not reported.

The interlocutors RBC said that she plans to go on the show “live”, which broadcasts “Russia 1”, and the position Malakhov are already trying new people.

Malakhov himself had no immediate comment on the situation.