Archaeologists found in the South-East of France “miniature Pompeii”

Archaeologists found in the South-East of France “miniature Pompeii”

MOSCOW, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. The Roman quarter, called “Pompeii in miniature”, discovered by archaeologists in the South-East of France, radio station France Info.

According to the radio, the ancient quarter of the age of about two thousand years to the market square, mosaics and homes of aristocrats was discovered on a building site near the commune of Vienne. The total area on which the excavations are conducted, more than 5 thousand square meters. On a place work more than 20 people.

According to the head of the excavations of Benjamin Clement, it is a “unique discovery” because the ancient quarter is well preserved. The archaeologist believes that the reason for this — a series of fires that drove residents fleeing the flames, leave all my stuff on the ground.

The shopping area is completely burnt out. Therefore, we find in the shops all the things that were the artisans and they are left in place while escaping from the flames.Benjamin Clementesotovelez excavations

“Still have homes, mansions, very well preserved, where they found more than 19 mosaics that allow us to better understand the lifestyle Vienne two thousand years ago,” — said the archaeologist. “In fact, we are in a miniature Pompeii Vieni,” concluded Clement.

According to the newspaper Express, the excavation will continue until December.