Vasilyev called on to play in the schools chess

Vasilyev called on to play in the schools chess

Schools should be free tutoring in several areas, said Minister of education and science Olga Vasilieva in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”. Special attention, says the Minister, should be given training.

“I am convinced that the school should play chess,” — said Vasilyev. She noted that students who play chess, performance 35 — 40% higher.

This intellectual game develops the child. It is important that the techniques are so good that primary school teacher can quite happily myself to learn how to play chess and to teach the children.Olga Vasiljeviene of education and science of the Russian Federation

Vasiliev said that the extra classes in schools should be organized on a free basis. However, she has identified five areas of activities — sports clubs, literary circles, music circles and “entrepreneurial skills”.

Earlier in late July it became known that the Ministry of education is preparing a pilot project to conduct lessons in schools of contemporary history of Russia. At these sessions, in particular, students will tell about the annexation of Crimea. For teachers, the Agency will prepare a special methodological recommendations for conducting these lessons.