Trump signed the law on anti-sanctions, media reported

Trump signed the law on anti-sanctions, media reported

WASHINGTON, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. The US President Donald trump has signed on Monday a package of anti-Russian sanctions, said RIA Novosti the representative of the White house.

He added that soon the White house will release a statement.

Previously, the document is overwhelmingly approved by the Senate and house of representatives. New package of restrictive measures would be the most ambitious since the beginning of 2014. The bill expands the number of sectoral sanctions against the Russian economy. He also imposed restrictions against the Russian energy projects, including in Europe.

The document, in particular, adjusts the range of deepwater and Arctic offshore projects and oil and gas projects with hard to recover reserves that are not allowed to supply equipment and technology.

And if earlier it was about all similar projects in Russia with participation of sanctioned physical and legal persons, the sanctions now apply only to new projects but without georeferencing.

Under the restrictions includes all new projects, in which Russian sanctioned companies owns 33% or more.

In the Kremlin the bill assessed “extremely negatively”. Later, Moscow ordered to reduce the staff of the American diplomatic missions in Russia.

The document also criticized in the EU.

As stated in the German foreign Ministry, with the help of sanctions Washington is trying to free up space for the delivery of American gas to the EU.