Tillerson warned about the possibility of further deterioration of relations between Russia and the United States

Rex Tillerson

Relations between the US and Russia remain tense and could deteriorate even more. On Tuesday, August 1, said the U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson, reports Reuters

“They (the ratio is approx. “Of the tape.ru”) may even worsen, the state Secretary said. The question is whether we can achieve some level of stability in these relationships and to continue to find common interests and ways of resolving their differences so that they do not become an open conflict”.

The head of US diplomacy promised that the us administration will take measures to ensure that the new package of sanctions against Russia, developed by the U.S. Congress, does not undermine attempts to restore relations between Moscow and Washington, reports TASS.

Tillerson also said it plans to discuss the situation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov this weekend in the Philippines capital Manila, where he held a series of meetings of ASEAN.

June 13, Tillerson said at a hearing in the Senate that Washington has “a big problem with the Russians… our relations are at a record low and continues to deteriorate. Our goal — to stabilize the dialogue.”

July 29, Tillerson said that the restrictive measures against Moscow mean the US desire to see Russia’s steps to improve bilateral relations. In the Federation Council, the statement of the head of the state Department called “Jesuit logic”.