The Senator called to allow gay parades in Day of airborne forces

Franz Klintsevich

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich has suggested to allow to spend the Day airborne gay pride parades. On Wednesday, August 2, he said in an interview with National news service (NSN).

“On the Day of the airborne troops to allow gay pride parades. Because all the Marines I know, they are all “lesbian” because they love women,” — said the Senator.

Klintsevich also stated that airborne veterans are trying to deal with disguised paratroopers, creating unfavorable surroundings for their holiday party. “We have given such a command, especially for Afghans, to identify and easy to beat,” said the Senator.

In 2015, gay activists in several Russian cities expressed their desire to hold mass actions in Day of airborne forces, however, the regional authorities refused to register for the event. In particular, the procession was not allowed in the Arkhangelsk and St. Petersburg.

The day of the airborne forces is celebrated in Russia on 2 August.