“The main thing is not what the turnout, and that she was really reflected”

“The main thing is not what the turnout, and that she was really reflected”

The head of the CEC about the abolition of the municipal filter and preparation for regional elections.

The Chairman of the Central election Commission (CEC) Ella Pamfilova agreed with the first Deputy head of presidential administration Sergey Kiriyenko, the experts should further discuss the options for changing the municipal filter. Ella Pamfilova said the correspondent of “Kommersant” Maxim Ivanov, in “current form, the rule should be abolished”, but as a compromise you can reduce the filter to “5% or even lower.” According to her, there should be some system that organizes the “political process, but does not kill the competition.”

— The CEC hosted a working group on the complaint of Vyacheslav Marhaeva (Senator, moved from the Communist party in Buryatia). It was expected that in Buryatia will be one of the most interesting elections. What decision will the CEC to take over his treatment?

— Detailed and thorough with colleagues at the CEC discussed this situation with the participation of the candidate, and then adjourned the decision of the working group on Friday. Asked the Communists to introduced advanced every possible argument to identify at least some features that are not breaking the law, to register it. Friday again all the details and analyze and take a decision. Would love in order to competition to register it, but not at the cost of breaking the law.

— There is a lot of personal grievances candidates on the filter?

— There are a few specific complaints, there are a few abstract-demagogic.

For example, one candidate from Sebastopol is not brought to the electoral Commission any signature, but required to register.Ella Pamfilova, The Chairman Of The Central Election Commission

Recalling the complexity of “filter” and that the law is “bad”, his representative is required just to register all the candidates! That is, invites us to break the law because he has problems. But this is demagogy. Bad law — let’s think together how to fix it, but until he acts, all are required to follow them. The theme of “filter” is one of the hottest, and we work on it intensively, in consultation with the parties. We agreed with Sergei Kiriyenko, that I, as a member of the working group in the near future will bring together experts at the site of the CEC to discuss all possible options.

— You said that the current law allows you to weed out the “rogues.” But among them is the same Markhayev.

— You cringe. Markhayev faced with the rule of law in its current form. Can you talk about that, sooner or later started a campaign, whether in time he began to collect signatures. He could gather from June 12 and began to collect 14 th. Complained that Bank of America open late, and in fact the account is opened on the 13th. But it is not related things, he can immediately begin collecting without waiting for account opening. Candidates often many of the rules do not know.

But I am convinced, and my position is supported by many colleagues at the CEC that the rate of the municipal filter in its present form should be abolished. It is my deepest conviction.

— Fully?

— It should be canceled in its current form. I’m not a legislator, that legislator will be addressed. But I can Express my position. Instead, you need to develop a legal norm that would not kill real competition, would not serve the reason for the abuse of administrative resources for removal of objectionable or most viable opponents in the election. On the other hand, not only in France but in other countries there are rules, tough enough, which are clearly shared by the current politicians and political rogues who organize this business, clog up the system, discrediting the election process.

— How to change the filter?

— Most importantly, there must be a system that organizes the political process, but not killing competition. But I don’t think it is possible to go into detail so as not to impose its opinion of the experts. As a member of the working group, I will collect them and we will discuss — in any form, as it may be some form for this type of election should be as it will be called: the filter or any other name. Can the experts agree, and lawmakers will hear them, because there are different options. Can we propose to remove the high threshold of 10% and make it the most low — 5% or even lower. Maybe you need to MPs, one signature set, as long as you want. Can be more radical proposals.

Note, even with an existing filter a number of candidates have overcome it. But the study, what challenges they overcame, reinforces my belief that the existing rule should be changed.

— Voter turnout in these gubernatorial elections can be predicted?

This is called guesswork. It depends largely on how colleagues in the regions will have an information campaign will explain what additional opportunities with a vote without absentee ballots. The most effective information campaign is a prerequisite to the fact that turnout may increase. People have increasing opportunities. Another thing is how people take advantage of them. But this is not within our competence. If the campaign is interesting, whether it is competitive that they will hook, this is a major policy issue, quality of candidates and a number of other factors.

— In Yaroslavl region delegation of the CEC went to the election to the Duma, where in the end the turnout was 6%.

— And from the regions were colleagues. They test new technologies. It is in principle a typical turnout for these elections. Often such a low turnout in the elections of this level. Importantly, it was a real — let them think it is policy, why didn’t they attracted people.

— Most importantly, to the Governor’s this was not.

Importantly, not what the turnout, and that she was really reflected. In order to avoid pressure on people and fraud.Ella Amylobarbital CEC

— How will be an interesting election — it depends on the quality of candidates. The way the turnout will be real.

I believe that the election day is very bad, a single day of voting in early September, the turnout is also an aggravating circumstance. At the working group we have discussed and this issue is also acute. If you save a single day of voting, the transfer in late autumn or late spring. Certainly not to hold elections in September, and at least mid-October. Again, this is debatable, which is discussed in the framework of the working group on the systematization of the electoral law.

— The changes will still occur after the presidential election.

— The working group is working on the concept of systematization of legislation. It is necessary to analyze how it corresponds to reality. You have to understand, it needs minor improvements or is it drastically. If the cardinal fact in the form of code or whole of the amendments, which would remove the contradiction. Therefore, the work is not momentary. I think that the next parliamentary cycle will be new legislation.

Interview by Maxim Ivanov

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