The head of the NAO interceded for appointing yourself the allowances of MPs


RIA Novosti

Activists of the Russian popular front (onf) intend to achieve cancellation of the decision of the authorities of the Nenets Autonomous district on the payment of local MPs and a number of officials two-month salaries to the release. This was reported on the organization’s website on Monday, July 31.

The relevant amendments to the law “On the status of the persons occupying the state posts” Parliament approved on 22 June.

“In regional Department of all Russian people’s front received complaints from residents who are outraged by the new benefits that took County deputies”, — stated in the message. It is emphasized that the bill was not submitted for public hearings.

In turn, the head of the district Igor Koshin considers the payment of the “fair bonus” after a period of reduction of various benefits in the field of public administration. “Officials — the same people who have families, mortgages and obligations”, — quotes Kosheen RIA Novosti.

The Governor recalled that the salaries of officials after the revocation of County-thirds of oil revenues has considerably decreased. “The salary of the management members of the administration, deputies for three years has decreased by 30-40 percent, mine is at 47 percent,” he explained, adding that currently the situation has stabilized.

According to the legislation of the NAO, public office in lieu of, in particular, the Governor, deputies, Secretary of the election Commission, the Commissioner for human rights, justice of the peace.

In early July, the deputies of Krasnoyarsk region have increased their own salaries from 100 to 200 thousand rubles. This angered local residents. Members of the legislative Assembly from the faction of the liberal democratic party later said that voted for the bill by mistake. July 19, the MPs unanimously voted for cancellation of the document.