The export of fat from Ukraine fell by 98% yoy

The export of fat from Ukraine fell by 98% yoy

In 2016, the export of fat from Ukraine decreased by 98%. The reason, according to Ukrainian media, was the refusal of Russia from purchasing this product.

From 2015 to 2016, the export of fat from Ukraine in money terms have fallen by 98%. This is evidenced by data published by the State tax service of Ukraine.

According to the statistics Agency, in 2015 the export of pork fat from the Ukraine was estimated at $7,759 million Total sales, Ukraine supplied 7733 tons of fat. At the same time, in 2016, the value of the delivered abroad product $0,089 million for 83 tons From the beginning of 2017 to 30 July exports were shipped 26 tons of fat in the amount of $26 thousand.

As writes the Ukrainian edition BusinessViews, the main reason for this was the failure of Russian imports of Ukrainian bacon. From of fat from Ukraine refused Moldova, although its share in total exports of this product lower than the Russian.

At the same time, the newspaper notes, Ukraine looking for new markets for fat. In the CIS Ukrainian fat buy Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Estonia. In addition, fat Ukraine buy in Germany, Cambodia, Singapore, the Bahamas, Canada, Panama and Australia.

The European Union on July 17 approved the introduction of trade preferences for Kiev, which will come into effect from September this year. Preferences aimed at facilitating the access of Ukrainian producers to the European market and will operate for three years.