“The entrance to the building blocked by police officers”

“The entrance to the building blocked by police officers”

The correspondent of “Kommersant FM” — about the situation of the Moscow regional court, where the shooting occurred.


The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of shooting in Mosoblsud under three articles: “Infringement of life of law enforcement officer,” “Theft or extortion of weapons,” and “Attempted escape”. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon before the meeting in the case of the so-called “gang GTA”. The correspondent of “Kommersant FM” Vladimir Rasulov live told about the situation at the building of the Moscow regional court.

The official representative of Regardie, who came to the building of the Moscow regional court, said that today was neutralized five people — members of the so-called “gang GTA””. Three of them were killed, two were wounded. According to him, another two policemen were wounded. The investigative Committee continues to work in the building, is already under investigation.

The entrance to the courthouse is blocked by the bailiffs, do not let anyone beyond the gate is approximately 600 metres until the entrance to the building.

Flow into the building only the police and the Investigative Committee, no one else — neither journalists, nor even the people who were supposed to be some meeting. My question is, will the court today, the bailiff said that the court today would not have to work.

But recently came the lawyer, who was at one of the meetings in court, he said that in the building hearing some were held. While such contradictory information is received. Here were people who wanted to enter the building, but the police officers told them that, most likely, to any meeting they will not fall, given that at six o’clock, the court, in principle, closed.