The courier-restaurateur from Russia was given 17 years jail in Bali

Roman Kalashnikov

Russian citizen Roman Kalashnikov, opened a restaurant on the island of Bali, an Indonesian court sentenced to 17 years imprisonment. This man said on his page in “Vkontakte”.

The Russians were accused of smuggling drugs and possession of marijuana. According to Kalashnikov, he was also sentenced to a fine in the amount of 200 thousand dollars, which can be replaced by an additional four months imprisonment. On appeal of the sentence, he refused.

“I am very happy that this trial is over and now it’s time to gather my thoughts,” added the man, July 10, celebrated its 30th anniversary.

As passed RIA Novosti, Kalashnikov was arrested at Bali airport in December last year. During the search he found three kilograms of hashish. The drugs were disguised as tubes of toothpaste.

During the trial, the man who worked in Surgut chef, opened the prison has its own restaurant. In June, he wrote that with a colleague from Germany, the daily sold 15-20 servings of various dishes. “Profit for two is 500-1000 rubles a day,” said the Russian.

Indonesia is famous for its strict anti-drug laws. The authorities explain this extraordinary situation in the sphere of illicit trafficking in prohibited drugs: according to them, every day die from drugs to 50 Indonesians.