The CEC made for the transfer of uniform day of voting

Ella Pamfilova

Single voting day should be moved to late fall or spring, according to the Chairman of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova. This opinion she expressed in an interview to “Kommersant”, published on Wednesday, August 2.

According to the head of the CEC beginning of September is a bad time for the election, including the fact that this “aggravating circumstance” for the turnout.

“If you save a single day of voting, the transfer in late autumn or late spring. Certainly not to hold elections in September, but at least from the middle of October,” — said Pamfilova.

She recalled that this issue is discussed in the framework of the working group on improving the electoral legislation established under the office of the President.

Speaking about the turnout, Pamfilova stressed that it must be real. If the figures are low, “let politicians think, why didn’t they attracted people,” said the head of the Commission.

At the end of March, she stated that while he could not say with certainty whether you need a single day of voting at all. Then Pamfilova noted that it can be pushed, in particular, in November or April.

A single day of voting was approved in 2012. According to the law, regional elections are not held twice a year (March and October), and once on the second Sunday of September. In 2015 in the fall have also had the Duma elections.

This year, the polling day falls on September 10. Sixteen subjects of the Federation will be held gubernatorial elections.