Rogozin took a government invitation to visit Moldova

Rogozin took a government invitation to visit Moldova

The Deputy Prime Minister said that the failure of his recent visit to Chisinau is the leader of the ruling in Moldova, the Democratic party Vlad plahotniuc.

Moscow. 2 Aug. INTERFAX.RU Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that he accepts the invitation of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of economy of Moldova Octavian Calmic to visit the country in September, but he needs security guarantees and guarantees of the flight of the aircraft, through all transit countries.

“I have an invitation from Mr. Octavian Calmic. It came recently, a couple of weeks ago. He invites me to come this autumn in Chisinau. I was pleased to read this invitation. But that is due to Mr. calmac, as it will provide safety we invite individuals from Russia, as they will wipe the snot from his Romanian patron, hard to say, but it’s not our problem”, — said Rogozin in an interview with Moldovan channel NTV.

Deputy Prime Minister also said that the failure of his trip to Chisinau and Tiraspol is the leader of the ruling in Moldova Democratic party (PDM) Vlad plahotniuc. According to Rogozin, he will prepare the leadership of Russia’s proposal on the introduction of retaliatory measures.

Deputy Prime Minister, however, added that the invitation to visit Moldova accepted. He noted that he is interested to continue its work in place, including both in Tiraspol and in Chisinau.

No change in my status is the Russian leadership will not accept, on the contrary, all insist that I was the negotiator with Moldova and Transnistria, of course.Dmitry Rogozin Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation

“So sooner or later they will have to decide how they will restore that so easily and thoughtlessly destroyed”, — said Rogozin.

Deputy Prime Minister confirmed that on 5 August he is scheduled to meet with President of Moldova Igor Dodon during a trip to Iran.