Putin angered by the forced purchase of part parents of students in Kalmykia

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the head of Kalmykia Alexei Orlov to deal with the forced purchase of desks in schools in the region.

At the meeting with head of the Republic the head of state voiced a number of problematic issues with which the citizens addressed to him during the “straight line”.

“Parents are asked to purchase a school Desk for a child, collect money for food. Listen, when forced to buy textbooks is a violation of the law, but to buy the Desk — it is generally something new, I did, honestly, actually never even seen and not heard,” — protested Putin.

The head of state admitted that it caused him surprise and asked Orlov to resolve this issue.

“I am asking you to make a careful study and only do not delegate. See, I do this personally and I ask you to do this”, — Putin addressed to the head of the Republic.

“Personally, Mr President, I promise you. And immediately, coming out of your office, will address these issues,” — said Orlov.