Japanese fought off a bear with karate skills

Japanese fought off a bear with karate skills

TOKYO, 1 Aug. /TASS/. A resident of Japan, residing in the city of Fuefuki in Yamanashi Prefecture, was able to fend off the bear with karate skills. This was announced on Tuesday, the TV channel Fuji Terebi.

68-year-old Hirohito Miyagawa, who heads the local club karate, July 31 in the evening went out into the garden, near his home in a mountainous, forested area, where they grow wasabi. There he found the bear.

The man kept his head and struck standing on its hind legs the animal several blows in the style of karate. Not expecting such action, the bear ran away quickly to the mountain forest.

The farmer-the karate kid was not seriously injured, he received only a few scratches that he struck the bear with his claws.

According to local authorities, in the period from April to August in the area was recorded at least 83 cases of bear attacks on people.