In the UK opens forensic center


The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opens forensic center, said the official representative of Department Svetlana Petrenko.

“Today the Chairman of the Russian IC Alexander Bastrykin has held meeting on which the decision was made on the establishment of criminalistic center of the IC of Russia on the basis of the Main Department of criminalistics” she said. According to her, Bastrykin called it an important step in the development of departmental criminology.

Petrenko has listed the basic directions of activity of the created centre: development, approbation and introduction in practice new models of investigative forensic and special equipment, improvement of existing and development of new methodologies of investigation of crimes, the strengthening of the mobile teams operational work at the site of accidents, the main task of which is carrying on-duty.

According to Petrenko, the center will provide practical assistance to result in the conduct of investigative actions (searches, examinations, verification of testimonies at the scene, interrogations, confrontations, the withdrawal of samples for comparative studies), psychological support for investigation of crimes, including those committed by minors and against them, the serial, of a sexual nature, formation and maintenance of departmental and expert forensic accounting, forensic databases of information within the established competence.

In addition, in the structure of the center is planned to create a unified laboratory complex, which will significantly improve the efficiency of the units. There will also be increased technical capacity of the centre by equipping it with advanced forensic and expert equipment.

Project will be launched with the creation of the Department of criminology in Yekaterinburg (operational subordination to the head of the forensic centre), which will serve the Urals Federal district. In the period of the experiment division staff will provide practical assistance to investigative offices of the regions in the Urals, the organization of investigation of specific crimes that have led to increased public outcry. The composition of the forensic center will include management of research activities (Institute of criminology).