In St. Petersburg evicted sitting at home since the collapse of the Soviet Union man

In St. Petersburg bailiffs evicted from the apartment of a man who hasn’t left the house since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and his wife. About it reported in a press-service of management FSSP across the city.

The reason for the eviction was the four-foot layer of debris that had accumulated in the apartment.

It is reported that the suit for eviction was filed by the housing Agency because of the poor condition of the apartment.

It is noted that the woman suffers from mental illness. Her very exhausted husband did not have any documents, except the passport of the USSR.

Together with the officers in the apartment arrived doctors. The man was taken to the hospital, and a woman in a psychiatric clinic.

In January 2016, suffering from delusions of persecution a resident of Krasnodar died after three days spent in his room locked up. The man who lived with his wife, afraid to leave the room and leave fingerprints. For some time before death, he issued a disability, and has repeatedly appealed to the psychiatrist.