In Saint-Petersburg metro is considered the absurdity of the Council rostransnadzora to follow the example of Moscow

Offer rostransnadzora to follow the example of Moscow and put more frames of metal detectors in St. Petersburg subway called absurd. On Wednesday, August 2, writes “” with reference to the press service of the Metropolitan.

“It’s absurd. The application of the organization is not subject to review,” — said the source publication. This advice of the Supervisory authority came in response to a request from the administration of the underground of Northern capital to mitigate safety measures due to large queues at the entrance to the station. In the subway, explained the absurdity of this proposal.

Monday, July 31, the head of Mintransa Maxim Sokolov said that he took personal control of the problem of mass searches of a person in the subway of Saint Petersburg, leading to queues. Sokolov proposed to reduce the sensitivity of metal detectors, so they didn’t react on the smallest things.

Experiment on a total inspection of passengers was carried out from 23 to 25 July at the entrance to the four stations of the St. Petersburg underground: Spasskaya, “Zvenigorodsky”, “Gorkovskaya” and “Petrogradskaya”. People had 20 minutes to spend on something to get inside.

Rostransnadzor after the attack on 3 April revealed a number of breaches in the security system of the St. Petersburg subway and the requirements were tightened.

On 3 April in the subway on the stretch between the stations “Institute of Technology” and “Sennaya Ploschad” there was an explosion, which killed 15 people and an alleged suicide bomber. According to investigators, he freely carried in the subway two explosive devices in fire extinguishers. One of them in the day of the attack found at the station “Ploschad Vosstaniya” and neutralized.